Welcome to my About Page!

Hello there! I’m so glad that you stumbled upon my page. Ever since I was young I’ve always been interested in saving and building wealth. You see, my parents have always been savers and so I was lucky to learn that trait from them. They came to the US with little money and big dreams like most who migrate to America. They came from big families and so ended up having four girls. Of course, having four girls came with a lot of financial responsibility. Day in and day out I saw my father working hard, including the weekends, at this blue collar job. My mother would stay home to be the caretaker, the cook, the event planner, the housekeeper, and the financial officer for our household. (Wow…I’m tearing up a bit just writing about them.) They were both very dedicated in order to provide the best to their children. That never went unnoticed and I tried my best in everything I did in life.

My parents’ goal was to provide for their family so they were always looking for ways to save. That meant going to thrift stores for clothes, eating a home cooked meal almost always (if they got a coupon they would treat us out to some fast food but only allowed once a week), and clipping coupons. I guess seeing that made me see money in a different way.

My goal is to help people figure out their path to wealth building. I’ve always had a passion for seeing people succeed and I truly want that for you. I hear too many stories of people being in so much debt that they don’t have enough to save for the retirement and it truly saddens me. There are also people just living paycheck to paycheck and it doesn’t have to be that way. If in the end I can change your perspective and help you to reach your goal of financial freedom then I would feel I’ve done my job. I’m here to tell you that achieving wealth is possible and would love to be part of your journey!